Name: Barry Guglielmo
Title: Founder
LinkedIn: Link Here
GitHub: Link Here

Hi there, my name is Barry and I am currently a computational biologist at Holobiome, a startup company in Cambridge, Ma. I am also finishing my masters from Harvard Extension School in Biotechnology with a professional certificate in Bioinformatics. I started my masters journey while working full time in a lab studying Alzheimer's Disease at Harvard's TH Chan School of Public Health.

Through my scientific journey I have found the use computational and visualization tools to be indespensable, especially in the age of big data. I am building this site to share my knowledge and some of the tools that I have built along the way.


This site was built using the Python Django web framework and is hosted on Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk EC2 instance with a PostgresQL database management system. Front end tools used are mostly javascript, html, and css with various opensource libraries to aid in function and clarity. The architecture of this site was built by Barry Guglielmo and all open source packages and information are fully disclosed for each tool built. Upon request any and all surces and code that can be shared without compromising the security of the site will be shared.